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Электрические расчеты / Electrical Calculations Pro v7.4.0
27.07.2019, 22:31

Калькулятор электрика.

Название: Электрические расчеты
Оригинальное название: Electrical Calculations Pro
Год выпуска: 2019
Версия: 7.4.0
Платформа: Android 4.0.3+
Язык интерфейса: Multi
Тип издания: Пиратка (PRO features Unlocked | No Pro Key needed)
Права Root: Не требуется
Размер: 14 mb

Что нового: v7.4.0:
* New: Sheet "Favorites"
* Mod: Renewed the widget
* Mod: Migration to AndroidX
* Add: Page with other apps
* Imp: Improved the calculation "Current carrying capacity of busbar"
* Fix: Pinout Apple Lightning
* Fix: Print manager
* Upd: Persian language (by ARiO and Behrad0011)
* Upd: Danish language (by Esben Dahl)
* Upd: Russian language (by Murtozakul)
* Upd: Portuguese
language (by Julio Ribeiro)
* Upd: German language (by Andreas)
* Add: Inch to "Current carrying capacity of busbar"
* Add: ft·lbf and in·lbf to "Maximum torque"
* Fix: Calculation of power factor of motor and voltage of motor
* Fix: Standard resistance button
* Imp: Motor section form
* New: Current carrying capacity of busbar
* New: Calculation of the cable temperature
* New: Trigonometric functions
* New: Standard resistor values
* New: Dimensions and weight of cables
* New: Inductor code
* New: Admissible let-through energy of the cable (KS)
* New: Power losses in cables
* New: C-Form Sockets (IEC 309)
* New: Nema connectors
* New: Atex marking
* New: Insulation class of the motor
* New: SWG table
* New: VAr / µF conversion
and more...
* New: Settings backup
* Add: "DOD" in Ah/kWh Conversion
* Add: kg/cm in Pressure Conversion
* Add: Button to search the standard resistance in some calculations
* Add: Selectable result
* Mod: Improved landscape layouts
* Add: Pinterest Profile
* Upd: Portuguese [PT], Indonesian, Macedonian, Persian, Bosnian, Russian, Bulgarian languages
* Fix: Topic subscription Exception
* Mod: Removed Firebase Invites
* Add: "in lbf" in Torque conversion
* Add: MVA in "Calculation of current"
* Upd: German language (by Andreas)
* Upd: Ukrainian language (by Igor)
* Upd: Czech language (by Skipy)
* Upd: Bosnian language (by Ferid)
* Add: Support for 16 and 18 awg
* Fix: Nec Calculations and Thermocouples not PRO
* Upd: Czech language (by Skipy)
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by Tian Hongpeng)
* Upd: Spanish language (by Lautaro Dalibon)
* Upd: Arabic language (by Akram gashan)
* New: Print support
* Fix: Crash at startup
* Fix: Calculation of resistance and Calculation of voltage with three-phase current
* Fix: Japan three-phase voltage
* Upd: Hungarian language (by Latcyba)
* Upd: Macedonian language (by Dragano Velkov)
* Upd: Ukrainian language (by Andrey Kosenko)
* Mod: Removed support for serial number
* Fix: Crash in "Fuse" section
* Upd: Russian language (by Murtozakul)
* Upd: Slovienian language (by Davorin Caf)
* Mod: Improved "Conduit fill" IEC
* Fix: Crash "Retma Spinner" with RTL languages
* Fix: Some layouts RTL
* Fix: ViewPager
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by Tian Hongpeng)
* Upd: Ukrainian language (by Andrey Kosenko)
* Upd: Danish language (by Esben Dahl)
* Upd: German language (by Alex)
* Imp: Added kW to "Motor full-load current"
* Fix: Crash wire size with installation type D2
* Fix: Ads runnable bug
* Fix: Minor bugfix
* Upd: Persian language (by H.Lael Bahador)
* Upd: Vietnamese language (by N.Duy Trung)
* Upd: Russian language (by Murtozakul)
* Upd: Simplified Chinese language (by T.Hongpeng)
* Upd: Macedonian language (by D.Velkov)
* Upd: Bulgarian language (by I.Radev)
* Upd: German language (by Andreas)
* Fix: Removed wrong Tamil language
* New: General reorganization of the calculations
* New: Motor slip
* New: Motor full-load current
* Imp: Improved calculations with resistor color code
* Mod: "Pipes dimensions" is available in the Resources tab
* Mod: cm-inch conversion is included in the Length conversion
* Mod: kW-HP and kW-BTU/h were merged into Power conversion
* Add: Ampacity of cables smaller than 25mm for the installation method G
* Add: mmH2O to pressure conversion
* Upd: languages
* New: ANSI standard device numbers
* New: Analog signal values
* Imp: Voltage drop calculation
* Add: Settings: max wire size
* Imp: Impedance calculation
* Mod: Primary/Secondary winding of transformer is available in the free version
* Upd: Vietnamese, Arabic, German, Macedonian language
* Fix: Bug operating current
* Fix: Check update
* Fix: Country identification
* Upd: Resolutions
* Fix: Ads bug with Android Oreo
* Fix: Calculation of NTC temperature
* Fix: Image of the motor terminal board
* Upd: Polish language (by Marcin Antas)
* Fix: Crash "Sizing the circuit breaker NEC" in landscape mode
* Fix: Crash "Translator Tool" with portuguese language
* Upd: Macedonian language (by Dragano Velkov)
* Upd: Czech language (by Skipy)
* Upd: Bulgarian language (by Ivan Radev)
* Upd: Ukrainian language (by Andrey Kosenko)
* Upd: German language (by Andreas)
* New: Current carrying capacity of bare conductors
* Add: Noncontinuous loads in "Sizing the circuit breaker NEC"
* Upd: Portuguese
language (by Junior Messias)
* Mod: Macedonian (Cyrillic) language (by Dragano Velkov)
* Fix: Voltage in Brazil
* Fix: Appirater
* Add: Macedonian language (by Dragano Velkov)
* Upd: Czech language (by Skipy)
* Upd: Vietnamese language (by TuanNguyen, Tun Phng and Nguyn Duy Trung)
* Upd: Persian language (by Jamal Moghadami)
* Fix: Code capacitor chart
* Fix: Section conversion in the free version
* Fix: Translator Tool bug with persian language
* Fix: Notifications with Android Oreo
* Fix: Bug in search mode
* Fix: Open/share files
* Upd: Slovenian language (by Davorin Caf)
* Upd: French language (by Yves Tschantz)
* Upd: Polish language (by Yasioo)
* Upd: Russian language (by Murtozakul)
* Upd: Spanish language (by ngel Tepetla and GavilanZ)
* Upd: Bulgarian language (by Ivan Radev)
* Upd: Persian language (by Amin Norozi)
* New: Translator Tool
* New: Splash screen
* Add: LinkedIn profile
* Upd: Russian language (by Leonid Tsvetinovich)
* Upd: Czech language (by Skipy)
* New: Temperature sensors (PT/NI/CU, NTC, Thermocouples…)
* Mod: Thermocouple colour codes and data
* Mod: Some calculations are also available in the FREE version
* Upd: Portuguese language (by Leandro Sousa)
* Upd: German language (by Andreas)
* Upd: Padding of icon
* Fix: Temperature now accepts negative values
* Fix: Philippines three-phase voltage
* Fix: Static AsyncTask
* Add: Installation type D2
* Add: Wire size with sizing neutral and PE (IEC)
* Add: Choosing sizing method for neutral and PE in settings
* Upd: German language (by Andreas)
* Upd: Ukrainian language (by Roman Korzh)
* Upd: Czech language (by Skipy)
* Upd: Portuguese language (by Leandro Sousa)
* Upd: Nepali language (by Sagar Acharya)
* Fix: Current carrying capacity for B1 method
* Fix: Bug last stripe (PPM)
* Fix: Workaround for bug 19917
* Fix: Bug "IllegalArgumentException" in the request state of ProKey
* Fix: Amazon App Store (uk.amazon.mShop.android) not recognized
- Add: Ambient temperature to "Wire size" calculation
- Add: NEC installation type "Supported on a messenger"
- Add: Three-phase voltage in the "Electricity around the world"
- Add: Other formulas
- New: Renewed settings
- Add: Added settings "Default direct current voltage", "Power factor
default" and "Max voltage drop"
- Upd: German language (by Andreas)
- Upd: Ukrainian language (by Roman Korzh)
- Upd: Czech language (by Skipy)
- Upd: Persian language (by Sina Kheymedoozi)
- Fix: Retma code
- Fix: Bug "modified voltage" after the choice of installation type
- Fix: Bug "Unable to start activity Componentlnfo" in the request state of
- Fix: Bug "extras == null" in ActivityWidgetConfig
- Fix: Bug "Close Action Mode"
- Fix: Layouts RTL
- Fix: Amazon App Store not recognized on Android 7
- Fix: Minor bugfix
* New: Conduit fill
* New: Tripping curve
* New: Torque conversion
* New: Angle conversion
* New: kW - BTU/h conversion
* Mod: Renewed some icons
* Mod: New style for AlertDialog
* Mod: "Fuses" available in the free version
* Add: Firebase with Invites
* Fix: Improved "Short circuit current with transformer substation"
* Fix: Cursor at the end of EditText
* Fix: Widget config bug
* Fix: Bug "Dialog in OnPostExecute"
* Upd: Languages
* New: Capacitor code
* New: Fuses application categories
* New: Thermocouples
* New: Earthing system
* New: CCTV resolutions
* New: CCTV Harddrive/Bandwidth calculator
* New: Current divider
* New: Conversion byte
* New: NEMA Electrical symbols
* New: UL/CSA fuse class
* New: Capacitor power at different voltage
* New: Short-circuit current min (approximate method)
* New: Pinout MIDI
* New: Pinout Thunderbolt
* New: Pinout SD Card
* New: Pinout Sim Card
* Add: Preliminary compatibility with Android 7.1
* Add: Animation for the results
* Upd: Vietnamese language (by Nguyn Duy Trung)
* Upd: Croatian language (by Pero Razovi)
* Upd: Arabic language (by Abdusalam Qaissia)
* Upd: Portuguese [PT] language (by Leandro Sousa)
* Upd: Portuguese
language (by Moacir Carvalho)
* Upd: Simplified chinese language (by Tian Hongpeng)
* Upd: Czech language (by Skipy)
* Upd: Persian language (by Sajjad Asadbeygi)
* Upd: Polish language (by Kacper Szuba)
* Upd: Turkish language (by Bekir Aydogdu)
* Upd: Romanian language (by Silvian Ionescu)
* Upd: Magyar language (by Sndor Marosi)
* Upd: Slovenian language (by Sao Veternik)
* Upd: German language (by Claudio Ruffino)
* Upd: Russian language (by Leonid Tsvetinovich)
* Upd: Swedish language (by Jimmy Olandersson
* Imp: Short circuit current with transformer substation
* Imp: Power factor correction
* Mod: Calculations "Power factor correction" and "Power factor correction small loads" have been merged
* Add: Number of neutral conductors in parallel in the short-circuit current calculation
* Add: Choice in radians or degrees in "Calculation of reactive power"
* Add: kVA and kVAr to "Calculation of power factor"
* Upd: Dutch language (by F.Espitia)
* Upd: Vietnamese language (by N.Duy Trung)
Особенности: Расчет сечения провода
Расчет падения напряжения
Расчет силы тока
Расчет напряжения
Расчет активной мощности
Расчет полной мощности [PRO]
Расчет реактивной мощности [PRO]
Расчет сопротивления
4-х цветное кодирование резисторов
6-ти цветное кодирование резисторов [PRO]
Цветовой код индуктивности [PRO]
Цветовое значение резисторов
Коды SMD резисторов [PRO]
Предохранители [PRO]
Соединение резисторов
Соединение конденсаторов [PRO]
Реактивное сопротивление [PRO]
Резонансная частота [PRO]
Делитель напряжения [PRO]
Стабилитрон как стабилизатор напряжения [PRO]
Гасящий резистор
Резистор для светодиода
Компенсация реактивной мощности [PRO]
Компенсация реактивной мощности малых нагрузок [PRO]
Компенсации реактивной мощности трансформатора СН/НН [PRO]
Срок службы батареи [PRO]
Первичная/Вторичная обмотка трансформатора
Ток короткого замыкания [PRO]
Нагрузочная способность кабеля IEC [PRO]
Нагрузочная способность кабеля NEC [PRO]
Сопротивление проводника [PRO]
Таблица удельного сопротивления [PRO]
Классы защиты IP
Длина антенны [PRO]
Электрические символы [PRO]
Электричество во всем мире
Эффект Джоуля [PRO]
Цветовая кодировка проводов
Приставки СИ
Единица измерения
Ток повреждения цепей [PRO]
Расчет конденсатора
Расчет скорости вращения двигателя [PRO]
КПД двигателя [PRO]
Максимальный крутящий момент [PRO]
Схема трехфазного эл.двигателя
Преобразование -Y [PRO]
Преобразование л.с./кВт
Преобразование сечения
Преобразование см/дюйм
Преобразование длинны [PRO]
Преобразование напряжения (Амплитуда) [PRO]
Преобразование sin/cos/tg/ [PRO]
Преобразование энергии [PRO]
Преобразование температуры [PRO]
Преобразование давления [PRO]
Преобразование А*ч/кВт*ч [PRO]
Преобразование Гаусс/Тесла [PRO]
Преобразование RPM (об/мин) - рад/с - м/с [PRO]
Кабели Ethernet (RJ-45) [PRO]
RJ-11,14,25,48 [PRO]
Распиновка Scart [PRO]
Распиновка USB [PRO]
Распиновка HDMI [PRO]
Распиновка VGA [PRO]
Распиновка DVI [PRO]
Распиновка RS-232 [PRO]
Распиновка разъемов Молекс [PRO]
Распиновка Sata [PRO]
Распиновка Raspberry PI [PRO]
Распиновка ISO 10487 (Автомобильное аудио) [PRO]
Распиновка XLR (Аудио/DMX) [PRO]

Установка: Забросить файл на девайс в любое место и любым файлменеджером под Андройд (к примеру ES проводник) произвести его установку, кликнув по файлу (В настройках безопасности девайса должна стоять галка "Неизвестные источники").

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